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The  Third International Conference devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Tunguska event
                                               Moscow,  June 24-25, 2003
                                            Krasnoyarsk, June 27-28, 2003
                                             Vanavara, from June 29, 2003

First  Circular

July 30th, 1908, the Tunguska event, the greatest natural catastrophe of the twentith century, occurred over the Siberian taiga which devastated forest on the area more than 2200 square km and nature of which is still under discussion.
The Administration of Evenk Autonomous Region, where the Tunguska event took place 95 years ago, has proposed an International Conference aimed to thorough consideration of wide range of the Tunguska event perspectives. It will start in Moscow where the first expeditions led by Leonid Kulik, the first explorer of this event, would begin their way to the explosion area. Then the Conference will be continued in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, the nearest big city to the explosion area, and after all in the famous Vanavara settlement which is about 65 km away of the explosion epicentre. From Vanavara you can visit by helicopter the explosion area for 3-4 days.

Boris N. Zolotarev, the Governor of Evenk Autonomous Region, is a curator of this Conference.

Organized by:

The Astronomical Institute of Russian Acad. of Sciences (RAS),
The Committee on meteorites and cosmic dust, Siberian branch of RAS,
The Shternberg State Astronomic Institute of Moscow State University,
Moscow engineering-physical Institute,
International Astronomic Society,
State scientific center of thermonuclear research, Troitsk,
Federation of cosmonauts of Russia,
Complex Independent Expedition, Tomsk, Siberia,
State natural reserve “Tungusskiy”

Organizing Committee:
Grigoryan S.S., academician – chaiman
Strakhov V.N., academician – co-chaiman
Alekseyev V.A. – vice-chaiman
Zotkin I.T. – vice-chaiman
Kolesnikov E.M. – vice-chaiman
Plekhanov G.F. – vice-chaiman

Alekseyeva N.G.
Alekseyev D.A.
Batygina E.K., coordinator
Bochkarev N.G.
Bronshten V.A.
Di Martino M., Italy
Hou Q., China
Ipatov S.I.
Ivanov K.I.
Kolesnikova N.V.
Kondratenko A.K.
Kundt W., Germany
Nazarov M.A.
Nemchinov I.V.
Ol’khovatov A.Yu., coordinator
Polzer G., Germany
Rodionov B.U.
Romeiko V.A.
Rykhlova L.V.
Tirskiy G.A.
Zyukov V.I.

The Moscow part of the Conference will take place in the Shternberg Astronomic Institute located in the pictorial campus of Moscow State University on Sparrow Hills.
The experts in different fields, contributed to a study of the Tunguska problem, and people who are just interested in this natural phenomena, are invited to take part in this Conference and in the further trip to the explosion site.

The objectives of the Conference are the following:

-New data of the Tunguska problem investigations concerning the phenomena as a
  whole and its different aspects
-Summaries and reviews of data collected up to now by investigators of the Tunguska
-Cultural and historical aspects of the Tunguska problem
-Tunguska problem and asteroid hazard

Languages of the Conference are Russian and English.

Communications are expected to be presented as oral presentations (15 min) and posters.

Organization Committee is going to publish abstracts of presentations as short communications. Submission of abstracts is preferred as text file up to 2Kb (no more than two A4 pages) in the the body of your E-mail, not as attached file, Word 6.0 or Word 7.0 formatted, font 12 Times New Roman. Abstracts should be sent to Andrei Ol’khovatov, coordinator of the Conference, to olkhov@narod.ru   and to
                                                      By  March 20, 2003

Preliminary estimation of costs for the participants of the Tunguska 2003 Conference (in rubles for one person):
Organization fee                                             – 4 000
Visa support                                                    - 1 500
Accomodation in Moscow (two nights)        -   2 800
Flight Moscow-Krasnoyarsk-Moscow         -  13 000
Accomodation in Krasnoyarsk (two nights) -    3 000
Flight Krasnoyarsk-Vanavara-Krasnoyarsk  -    6 000
Accomodation in Vanavara (one night)         -   3 000
Flight by helicopter to the explosion epicentre -8 160
Total:                                                              -  41 460  or  about $1 296

Expences may be varied depending, for example, on your accomodation or on whether you take part in Moscow part of the Conference or in the whole trip to the explosion site and back to Moscow.

For general information concerning visa support, travel, accomodation and so on, please, contact coordinator Elena Batygina:
Phone: +7 (095) 956 1910
Fax: +7 (095) 207 7594
E-mail: batyginaek@evenkya.ru

For futher information about the Conference you can look in at: www.olkhov.narod.ru/conf03.htm  (English)
www.tunguska.ru  (Russian)
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